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At Tiraumea Sporthorses we have a band of 16 broodmares.  All of our mares have exemplary temperaments and most have been proven under saddle. The few exceptions to this are where mares have been acquired for their specific bloodlines.  Kate is a firm believer of “if you cant ride them, you can’t breed from them”.  We have selected our mares for temperament, conformation and movement.  They come from across all disciplines from eventing, jumping, field hunters and dressage.  Each of the mares strongest characteristics are considered when we choose which stallion they will go to.   For instance, we have a several of the old stayer type thoroughbred mares that have produced some good boned eventing horses and the St James Station bred mares that are re-known for their exceptional jumping ability and strength, these mares are perfect candidates to produce excellent dressage, show-jumping  and field hunter types when crossed with a Flint a crossbred stallion with exceptional floating movement.  Our aim is to purpose breed future sport horse champions that are as kind as they are talented.

Our mares are all well proven and we are proud to bring you a full catalogue of their past and present offspring.

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Tiraumea Drover



Murphy Herself



Grace St James

Molly St James

Bon Mel




Retired/ Past Mares


Manor Leigh

Tiraumea Foxy Lady



Kyla -Irish Sporthorse