McCoy is a grey thoroughbred mare out of Dongahadee by Somali who dates back to Moorcock.  McCoy was bred here at Tiraumea, after being sold as a young horse under saddle she went on to compete with success.  She then came back to the valley to start life as a broodmare.

McCoy and Tiraumea Lucky McJumper

In 2007 McCoy produced a stunning black colt foal with four white stockings and a perfect blaze by Gentleman George,  Tiraumea Lucky McJumper is a talented youngster, who at 8 months, was getting some groundwork done in the round pen, he was going nicely in a circle getting his photo taken, only on the third lap he trotted around towards the camera, but this time eyes up looking straight ahead, not changing a beat, up out of the sand, over the 1.30 side, with 1.80 drop at the other side, lands beautifully and trots off to his friends, needless to say Kate still had her mouth open and Doug was still behind the camera waiting for him to come around to take the picture!

Lucky McJumper, 8 months, back in the round pen after his own spectacular exit clean over the rail.

We are looking forward to seeing just how clever this talented young horse actually is, Lucky  McJumper was sold at 6 weeks old to a competitive jumping/hunting home in Auckland that also have his half brother Tiraumea Donegal.

Tiraumea Lucky McJumper 2yrs