Mollie St James

Molly St James and Tiraumea Brody

Mollie St James is one of our two St James Station mares.  The St James horses are reknown for their strength and tenacity for keeping going when the going gets tough.  They are usually very good jumping horses and are well represented in all spheres of the New Zealand Equestrian scene. January 2010 Horse and Pony have featured an article on the St James Station Horses, it covers the history and recent changes to the station with the New Zealand Government purchase  and the question mark left  hanging over the future of this incredibly valuable piece of  one of our nations  most significant station-bred bloodlines.


2009 Molly St James has a filly foal at foot, Tiraumea Brody.  She will mature 16.2+, a rich dark bay with four even white stockings and a slight off-centre blaze.  T.Brody is very correct and looks to be a good show hunter/saddle hunter type.  Tiraumea Brody is now SOLD

Tiraumea Hi- Calibre

2010 Foal is a real  sweet filly foal, she is a lovely soft red and white with four white legs, even front stockings and nice blaze.  Tiraumea High-Calibre should mature 16.1 HH.   She is a very well grown foal with a really mature outlook.  She will be capable in all disciplines.  Molly’s foals all start out stocky and at one year seem to go up, fine out and grow into themselves, maturing into very good correct  Saddle hunter/ Show hunter  types. Hi Caliber in now SOLD




Mollie St James and Tiraumea Pippi














2012 Foal is another lovely filly.  Tiraumea Pippi.   Mollie has produced a stunning foal by Tiraumea Bondi.  She will mature around 16.3 HH and has a perfect blaze with one stocking.  The St James horses produce excellent doers with strength and fortitude, they make excellent jumping horses for showjumping/hunting and show hunter.


Pippi is for sale    $2000 + GST