2008 EMH 16.2HH

Bay Gelding - 2 Hind socks and one small front sock - Black Points 2008

Dam: Tiraumea Foxy Lady 16.2HH
Sire: Gentleman George 16.3HH

More Info on Stretch's Lineage

Stretch is one of the last two Gentleman George progeny available from Tiraumea. Stretch is a beautiful natured horse, he has good bone, stature and movement. He is in our opinion very suitable for Show-jumping or Hunting.

EMH 16.1+HH

Dam: Gracie (16.2HH)
Sire:Flint (16.1HH)

Bay Gelding with Snip and Star, 3 Stockings and 1 long Sock
Select to view Dam and Siblings of Ascot

Ascot is a very nice natured boy, he has been very well handled and enjoys company. Ascot has both his sire Flints and Dam's Gracies extravagant movement. Presently he needs more time to grow into himself but will make a serious dressage prospect.


2008 EMH 16.HH

DAM: Gracie- Zephyr Palace TB (16.3HH)
SIRE: Ironman (17HH)

More info and pics on Trellisse's lineage

Trelisse is a stunning coloured filly, she has very expressive movement and will be a real head turner. There is strong jumping bloodlines on both sides so this girl will be very suited for all equestrian disciplines.

EMH 15.1+HH

Dam: Beau - Beaufort Station Mare (16.1HH)
Sire: Ironman (17HH)

Bright Red Bay Filly - Three White stockings and perfect blaze.
EMH 15.1+HH

'Paddy' as we call her in the paddock is unshakable, she is overtly friendly and just loves any attention. She will always be right beside you. Along with a brilliant nature she is an excellent type, strong and correct and moves really well. Her dam was a very good eventer with her strengths in the jumping disciplines. If you are looking for a very eye-catching all rounder this girl has all the right qualities. Paddy would be a great first hack for a teenager.

More info and Pics on Touch n Go's lineage

EMH 16.3HH

Dam: Indy (16.1HH)
Sire: Tiraumea Bondi (16.2HH)

Bright Bay with 3 socks, Star and Snip - Gelding
Select to view Dam and Siblings of Little Arrows

Arrows is a well grown, very upstanding youngster, he has a massive presence and will demand attention wherever he goes. He has a very inquiring nature and will make someone a very serious competition horse and friend all in one. He is one of our favorites, he is the whole package. Arrows is for sale to a competition home only.

EMH: 16.3+ HH

Dam: Zala 16.3 HH ( Zabalu )
Sire : Flint 16.1HH

Bay Filly - White Stockings and Blaze.

Full sister to ' Tiraumea Coachman' winner of the 2012 most promising Eventing horse & rider combination this year for the State of Queensland, Australia. 1/2 sister to Tiraumea Donegal - Winner Amateur Rider of the Year 2014 HOY.

This stunning filly will follow in the footsteps of her siblings both full and half. Three of which are competing at the top in their Showjumping / Hunting and Eventing fields.
This is a top class international investment opportunity.

Update : The stud has decided to retain Zazie in the interim and is now withdrawn from sale..

Click on link to view Zazie's siblings
EMH 16.1

Grey Gelding - White Blaze

Dam: Tiraumea Drover (16.1 HH)
Sire : Tiraumea Bondi(16.2 HH)

Suitable: Showing, Eventing, Show-jumping or Hunting.
He is a very brave young horse, we have seen him jump across ditches with a huge amount of ease. This boy will be an incredible hunter/jumper.

Dustin has sold to a showjumping home.

EMH: 16.2+

Dam: Tilly
SIre: Flint

Chocolate Brown Gelding - 2 Stockings and Blaze

Movement, movement, movement!!!!!
He has is absolutely everything going this boy, His nature, his good looks, his sensational movement.
Show home only.
Tiraumea Bondi - SOLD
EMH 16.2HH

Bright Bay Gelding - Huge Star the size of Australia!!!
Two rear stockings.

Dam: Bon Mel
Sire: Gentleman George- 16.2 ( Deceased)

Bondi is a stunningly put together horse. He is another guaranteed success in the competition arena given his perfect conformation and exceptional gentle nature, he will be a name to watch out for. Suitable for all disciplines.

Bondi is for sale to a competition home only,
2007 EMH 16.1+

Grey 2008 Gelding

Dam: Gypsy
Sire: Flint

Swagman has a great presence and he is stand out by this factor alone. He is very correct conformationally with a good head set and equally good movement. Swagman is athletic and would be well suited to eventing due to his expressive movement for the dressage phase and strong jumping lines on both sides of his parentage. As all of our horses his temperament is kind and willing. He is due to be broken in the Autumn.

EMH 16.2+

Black mare with a lovely symmetrical blaze and 3 white stockings.

Dam: Grace St James (16.1 HH)
Sire : Ironman (17 HH)

Ada has the very strong St James jumping bloodlines coupled with good movement. She has been seen jumping natural obstacles in the paddock with great ease and style.
This is a very correct, showy youngster.

Suitable: Showing, Show-jumping or Hunting.

More Info on Ada's lineage

Dam ; Murphy Herself
Sire : Flint

Black with Star and Snip with two hind socks

Stunning upstanding youngster. He is built to perform in the showjumping arena like his two older siblings. Eddie will mature a good 17+ and is a very good example of the atheletic performance type horse we aim to breed.


EMH 16.3

5 Year Old Bay Gelding
Dam: Foxy Lady
Sire: Tiraumea Flint

>More Info on Whizz Lineage

This special young horse is for the serious competitor.
Whizz has stunning suspension in his movement. Combine this with very strong jumping lines on both sides Whizz will excel in all eventing disciplines and will win in the show ring. He has an excellent body with perfect conformation, huge presence and great natural balance.
Whizz is now going extremely kindly under saddle, he is showing talent in the dressage arena, although relatively freshly broken looks to already have a season competing under his belt. We are seriously impressed with this young horses potential.

He has what it takes to take his rider to the top.

Video available on request.

EMH 16.2+HH

Dam: Zala (16.2HH)
Sire: Ironman (17HH)

Grey and White Filly.
Select to view Dam and Siblings of Zara

Zara comes from a good line of strong jumping horses on both sides, with the great eventing sire Zabalu on her Dam side. She is well developed, balanced and very athletic in the paddock.
Follow the link below to view her high achieving competitive siblings. Results speak for themselves, she will be capable of all that they are doing and more. If you are looking for a very capable, talented sport horse then she should be considered.

EMH: 16.3+ HH

Dam: Grace St James 16.3HH
Sire : Ironman 17 HH

Black Colt - 3 Stockings and Blaze.

If you are after sensational this colt is for you. He has incredible presence, is super athletic and will have enormous scope. He will be suitable for any competition discipline and promises to be an absolute show stopper.
EMH 15.3+HH

Dam: Gypsy (15.2HH)
Sire: Tiraumea Flint (16.1HH)

This is a very fine, elegant filly by Flint. She is very outgoing and confident. Twinkle has perfect conformation and lovely elevated movement making her suitable for a dressage/showing home.

More info on Twinkle's lineage
EMH: 16.3+ HH

Dam : Grace Zephyr Palace 16.3 HH
SIre : Flint 16.1 HH

Jet Black Colt
Blaze, tapered to snip on muzzle.
Two hind socks.

MOVEMENT!! this boy just floats. If its a hugely scopey mover that you are after then this boy is for you. He will turn jet black and will be sensational. Best suited for a competition dressage or eventing home.

EMH 16.2+HH

Dam: Murphy Herself (16.3HH)
Sire: Ironman (17HH)

Tri-Coloured Bay and White Gelding.
Select to view Dam and Siblings of Marchi

This young colt is too pretty to be a boy, he is adorable. From the perfect upside down tear drop blaze to the longest eyelashes we have ever seen! He has four white legs and nice even markings topped off with a black and white tail just like his sires. His temperament matches his looks, nice and even and is eager to please. His movement is very elegant with a huge ground covering stride.

If you are looking for a very stand out showing or competition horse he may be for you.


Dam: Gypsy (15.2HH)
Sire: Flint (16.1HH)

Black/Bay Gelding
Select to view Dam and Siblings of Logan

This boy is going to grow into the same type as his full brother Swagman. As foals they are two peas in a pod, please scroll down to view Swagman as a 3 year old.



Dam: Molly St James (16.1HH)
Sire: Ironman (17HH)

Red and White Filly.
Select to view Dam and Siblings of Hi-Calibre

This girl is going to grow to be a big strong horse. The St James lines are hardy and very good doers, they make excellent all rounders, do anything kind of horses. Hi-Calibre should have great jumping ability with jumping strong on both sides. She has a very kind, laid back nature. Her full sister Brody started out quite solid now as a yearling she is really stretching out into a very nice type of horse. We expect Hi-Calibre to do the same.

EMH: 15.3- 16HH

Dam: Gypsy 15.3 HH
Sire : Flint 17 16.1 HH

Our cutest wee filly this year is from our lovely mare Gypsy. She is a very sweet natured foal that has her sires stunning movement. She will make someone a very special friend.

Georgie Girl is now SOLD.
EHM: 16.3HH

Dam: Murphy Herself 16.3 HH
Sire : Ironman 17 HH

Bay with 2 Hind Socks, Star and Snip.

This young fellow is Kate's favorite this year, with the most endearing personality he will make someone a great new friend. Not only is he cute as a button, curious and cuddly, he is a fine looking horse. We think he is quite special! "Eddy" will be suited to any showing/ jumping discipline.
EMH 16.1+HH

Dam: Beau (16HH)
Sire: Ironman (17HH)

Chestnut and White Gelding
Select to view Dam and Siblings of Calico Jo

This boy is going to be tall and very elegant. He has a nice head carriage, lovely length of rein with a look at me presence. His nature is outgoing, confident and inquisitive. Calico Jo is very correct and athletic with tonnes of natural ability. He will be suited for all disciplines particularly jumping, his Dam Beau was a very good cross-country mare.


Dam: Grace St James (16.3HH)
Sire: Ironman (17HH)

Black and White Gelding
Select to view Dam and Siblings of Niko

This young colts movement is very elegant with a huge ground covering stride and great hock action. He is very upstanding boy and will mature a good size. The St James lines are reknown for their hardiness, their jump and their expressive movement. This boy has it all. His markings on his chest are symmetrically split down the middle so front on he is black one side and white on the other. He will be a stand out jumping or competition horse.


9 Yr Old TB/Trekkaner X
Grey Gelding
17.1 HH

Lachy has been shown successfully at AMP Level, hunter classes.

He has very expressive movement and would also excel in the dressage arena, he is consistently placed at A&P Flat Classes and Round the Ring classes. Lachy enjoys the showjumping arena. He needs a competent rider to excel. He is a very good horse to handle in every way on the ground however we need to make room for some of the youngsters coming through. Enquiries please directly to Kate on 03 523 9341.

Tiraumea Brody going to her new home

EMH 16.2

Dam: Molly St James 16.2HH
Sire : Ironman 17HH

Rich Bay with four stockings and off-set blaze.

The St James mares produce very good doers. Were they come from only the strongest and best survive. You take that stock and put them on good pasture and you have dapples everywhere. They simply bloom. Molly St James and Brody are doing just that. This filly will do anything, she is surefooted, confident and strong.
We think Brody with her four perfect stockings will be very well suited a competitive jumping/ show hunter home.

Price $4000.00 incl GST
More Info and pics on Brody's lineage