Ironman- 17HH Shire x TB/Pinto Stallion

IRONMAN  17HH  Black and White – Shire x TB/Pinto

Service Fee $1500 Incl GST

Sometimes in life a lucky break comes your way and so it was with our beautiful IRONMAN.  He was advertised for sale as a yearling in one of the papers.  We duly went and viewed him, and brought him home. He is by Camelot Sullivan who is a purebred Shire (Imp. Aust.) and out of Ferrous, a half TB, half Pinto mare.  When put to mares with some heavier blood in their parentage he breeds a big Hunter type saddle horse.   Put over TB mares the offspring are finer horses that do well in the show ring.  We are getting a good percentage of solid coloured horses. Ironman is used for all stockwork on the farm

Ironman is the clown of all our horses.   One Winter he was becoming bored in the paddock so we built a jumping lane for him that was along one fence line & then at right angles along the next.   He had great fun in this, so much that after jumping the last fence he was out of the jumping lane and free into the paddock.  He stopped and looked over to where he had jumped over the last jump, turned around and jumped back in again, going the wrong way over fences that had been built to be jumped from the other side.   He didn’t know that, in his mind he had had fun doing what he loved so he just did it again !    And where he had originally started from he turned and jumped again.  Finally I had to run to the last jump & stand there waving my arms to stop him from jumping.

Until a few years ago the local Pony Club used to have the annual Summer camp in the Valley based at our woolshed. The children would climb onto the picnic table & from there, onto Ironman for a ride on to this gentle big boy.  (not only the children, either ! )   He loved the extra attention & treats they gave him, walking ever so carefully while they were on his back. In the paddock he has a whole repertoire of antics he performs, from a standing-start sprint to sliding stops, from rearing high and standing on his hind legs, to levades.   The more you clap the more he performs, he is a talented horse & a real character,  and  this is coming thru in the personalities & ability of his young stock.

He has been shown In Hand & won Hunter Champion Young stock, three years & under, as well as winning when shown in his age classes & Stallion Classes at A&P Shows against Open competition.