Tiraumea Flint 16.1HH Clyde/TBX Stallion

Tiraumea Flint

TIRAUMEA FLINT: 16.1HH  Clyde/TB X.  Black Bay –

Service Fee $1500 incl GST.

A homebred boy out of a TB mare who was a useful Eventor & Champion Broodmare In Hand winner at the Nelson Breeders Show,  and by Maynooth,  Fergus O’Connor’s black Clydesdale stallion who was complete with a broad blaze & four stockings.  Flint has inherited the stockings but instead of the large blaze, has an inverted tear drop on his forehead which trails down between his eyes to mid face.

On Flint’s dam’s side comes spectacular movement, a trot to bring tears to the eyes, a rocking chair canter, with a regular, going places, walk.

Like Ironman,  Flint was educated to ride & spent time going out around the farm doing stock work.   Flint had some wind fallen Beech trees in his paddock when he was younger.  He made a circuit that included these logs & fallen branches which as he trotted & cantered around playing, he jumped,  never altering his stride as he met them, such a regular rhythm & an even  measured stride.

Although he is half Clydesdale, he is of the New English Clydesdale breed & they are a much lighter horse than the original heavier type Clydes.    Because of this, Flint throws foals out of TB mares that could be mistaken for TB youngsters.  They are very typey looking young horses that wouldn’t look out of place in the Show Ring under saddle, depending on the size of the mare, in either the Park Hack or Show Horse Sections.

As with the other older stallions Flint’s foals all have quiet, friendly natures; the type that see people & can’t wait to get to know them.

Kate astride the lovely Flint 05/2011

Tiraumea Flint

Flint's huge expressive movement is passed onto to all his progeny